John Allen Farlinger

Director, Executive Chairman, CEO

Mr. Farlinger has held the position of Independent Director with the Corporation since May 24, 2017 and is a veteran venture and private equity backed executive and entrepreneur, and brings more than 20 years of experience in telecom, operations, technology and finance. Mr. Farlinger has held the position of Chairman and CEO of Urban Communications Inc. from July 8, 2014 until June of 2018. His past positions include Senior Vice-President of Teliphone Navigata-Westel from February 2013 to April 2014, CEO of Titan Communications/Galaxy Multimedia Inc. from 2009 to February 2013 and before that was the CEO and President of Silicon Valley based Adzilla Inc. from August 2004 until 2009. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) from Queen's University.

Preston Thomas Parsons

Director, Founder

Mr. Parsons has held the position of Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Director of the Corporation since May 24, 2017 and has over 1O years of experience in the medical device industry. Mr. Parsons has held the position of President of Assure Neuromonitoring since August 2015 and the position of CEO of Assure Holdings from November 2016 until he resigned from his position as CEO in May 2018 in order to focus on the operational side of the business. Mr. Parsons will devote 100% of his time on his operational role and as a director of Assure. Mr. Parsons has also held the position of Founder and CEO of QB Medical Inc. since September 2009. He has cultivated relationships with doctors and other distributors, both locally and nationally. Prior to being in the medical field, Mr. Parsons played six seasons as a quarterback in the National Football League.

Martin Burian

Independent Director

Mr. Burian has held the position of Independent Director with the Corporation since May 24, 2017 and is a Chartered Professional Accountant and Chartered Business Valuator with over 25 years of investment banking experience. From 201O until 2013, Mr. Burian was the Managing Director of Investment Banking at Haywood Securities Inc. Prior to this position, Mr. Burian served as President of Corporate Finance at Bolder Investment Partners from 2009 until its merger with Haywood Securities Inc. in 2010.

Currently, Mr. Burian is a director of multiple publicly traded companies. He is a director of Elysee Development Corp., an investment issuer traded on the Exchange, and Canarc Resource Corp. a resource issuer listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Ynvisible Interactive Inc, a technology issuer listed on the Exchange and Canvass Ventures Ltd., a capital pool company listed on the Exchange. His principal occupation is currently Managing Director, Investment Banking of RCI Capital Inc. and CFO (part-time) of Heffel Gallery Limited, Canada's leading fine art auction house. Mr. Burian holds both the Chartered Professional Accountant and the Chartered Business Valuation designations, which he obtained while at KPMG LLP. Prior to obtaining these designations, Mr. Burian obtained a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Christopher Rumana


Dr. Rumana brings over 20 years of experience in the medical field as a board-certified neurosurgeon, along with serving in various senior management and board of director roles for several facilities. He previously served as the president of the Tallahassee Neurological Clinic where he was instrumental in substantially growing its neurological practice. He was also the president and chairman of Caduceus, LLC, a joint venture pain management facility and surgery center.

Since 2011, Dr. Rumana has been a member of the board of directors at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, where he currently serves as the chairman of the board. He also previously served as the chairman of the medical staff, the chairman of the division of neurological surgery and as a member of the medical executive committee.

Dr. Rumana earned his M.D. from Northwestern University Medical School, and he completed his residency at the Baylor College of Medicine. His appointment remains subject to review and approval by the TSX Venture Exchange.

Scott Page

Independent Director

Mr. Page has been nominated for the position of Independent Director of the Corporation. Currently, Mr. Page holds the position of President of Lobo Consulting, which provides a variety of consulting services, including debt and capital structuring, and strategic planning. Previously, Mr. Page was the Executive Vice President of Vectra Bank (a wholly owned subsidiary of Zions Bancorporation from January, 2001 to June, 2009, President of Colorado Business Bank from June, 2009 until December, 2014 when he was named CEO of CoBiz Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of CoBiz Financial, a $3.8 Billion financial services company. Mr. Page retired from CoBiz to start Lobo Consulting in December, 2017.

Steven Summer


Summer brings over four decades of management experience in health care to Assure’s board. He currently serves as president and CEO of the Colorado Hospital Association, which represents more than 100 member hospitals and health care systems throughout the state and serves as a credible resource on health issues, hospital data and trends, media, policymakers and the general public. Previously, Summer served as the president and CEO of the West Virginia Hospital Association and prior to that he was with the Maryland Hospital Association, where he also held various senior level roles prior to becoming an executive.

Summer holds an MBA in health care administration from George Washington University. He has served on numerous boards within the health care field and has authored or co-authored 15 publications. Summer was also recognized as the Denver Business Journal Health Care Industry Leader, along with being listed in the Denver Business Journal Power Book as one of the top health care industry leaders.